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      Zhongqi Kaijian Group Co., Ltd. is an industrial group of the Zhongqi Holding Group Co., Ltd. The company was incorporated in August, 2010, with the registered capital of 0.1 billion Yuan. Its yearly turnover was up to 5.5 billion Yuan. Zhongqi Holding Group has a number of subsidiaries, including Tongliao Jiaojian Aluminum Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Zhongqi Kaijian Cable Co., Ltd., Zhongqi Kaijian (Tongliao) Concrete Co., Ltd., Zhongqi Kaijian Qingdao Electric Appliances Co., Ltd., Zhongqi Kaijian Qingdao Timber Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Longfa Thermoelectric Co., Ltd., etc. Its scope of business covers: aluminum alloy extrusions, ferroaluminium cable, concrete, safety electric equipment, solid wood and panel furniture and formwork production, manufacture and sales, power generation and heat supply, etc. The company boasts over 400 technicians and over 800 modern and advanced production devices. Its quality product and service are highly praised and well recognized by vast customers.   
      Tongliao Jiaojian Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive large-scale modern enterprise integrating research and development, design, production and sales of the aluminum alloy extrusions. Situated in the Inner Mongolia Tongliao Khorchin Industrial Park, the company covers a land area of 330,000 m2, and the yearly output of the aluminum is up to 100,000 tons. The company boasts the domestic advanced smelting, extrusion, anodizing, coloring, electrophoretic coating, electrostatic powder spraying, fluorocarbon powder coating, heat insulation off-bridge and wooden transfer production line. The company has the advanced precise testing instrument and equipment, and realizes the one-stop production of raw aluminum to the finished product, which can be widely applied to civil, industrial, building, aviation and electronic fields.   
      Inner Mongolia Zhongqi Kaijian Cable Co., Ltd. is situated in the Inner Mongolia Tongliao Khorchin Industrial Park. The factory covers a land area of 100,000 m2 and the building area is 65,000 m2. The total investment is 0.358 billion RMB and the yearly turnover is up to 2.6 billion Yuan. The company mainly produces medium and low voltage 8000 series aluminum alloy cable at 35KV and below. The company boasts the domestic advanced wire & cable production devices, including the continuous casting and rolling production line of aluminum rod, 13-mold high-speed drawing machine, 630 frame-type strander, Φ150 plastic extruder, 3150 large-scale 1+4 cable former and 35KV three-layer co-extrusion crosslinked medium voltage cable production line. Besides, the company has introduced from overseas the advanced SIKORAEX-RAY online cable eccentric measuring meter and SIMENS200KV partial discharge experiment device, etc. The company uses the “cable-used high elongation aluminum alloy material and its preparation method” invention patent to produce the high-technology cable. Apart from the exceptional performance to resist elongation and bending, the company’s product boasts such advantages as the silane crosslinking, low smoke and halogen free, frame resisting, safety and stability, affordability, installation convenience, efficiency, saving cost and energy conservation and environmental protection. By resolving the technical difficulty of “replacing copper by aluminum”, it has staged a revolution of non-ferrous metal.     
      With the steady advancement of the group’s overseas investment projects, Zhongqi Kaijian Group intensifies its efforts to embrace the international community. It has committed investment on the Cambodia Kratie Province Special Economic Zone Project. The total land area is 900 hectares while the planned investment is 0.2 billion USD. The phase I investment is intended for such projects as the solid wood floorboard, windows & doors, furniture processing, aluminum alloy cable & wire manufacturing; phase II investment is intended for such projects as the rubber product, the processing line with a yearly output of 10 million tires and building materials. 
      Zhongqi Kaijian Group constantly adheres to the operation tenet of “seeking survival and development by emphasizing quality and reputation”. To rely on the advanced production technique and an all-round quality assurance system, the company incessantly creates the new development prosperity!

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